Chief's Brittanys

Dedication to Missy

It is said that you only get one like this once in a lifetime, so live to enjoy your Brittany.

In memory of "Missy" The finest Brittany we've ever owned.

Missy was in a class all to herself at a very young age. Trips from North Dakota to the East were planned and completed around our hunting buddy at the ages of 1 & 2.

She was a gentle comforting companion in the house but became a wild lady (under control) when hunting. She defeated 26 other pointing dogs in her only Derby stake.

She completed her hunt test title with scores of 10's. She ran intelligently, found birds where other dogs had passed, and was steady to wing/shot. She ran open cover big and tight cover close. She heeled from point to be released like a rocket on to more birds.

She passed away at the tender age of 3. She had been steady to wing since 6 months and steady to wing/shot since age 11 months. She had a tender retrieve to hand from the position of heel.  Missy passed away on Valentines day and for a long time our family had an unmistakable void

Before her final day, We took her trembling body out to find some birds once more.  Not able to run and barely able to scent, we killed 3 birds over her and praised her as we had never done before.  She was happy  to find birds so close to home and with help from her master...

"I don't believe I've ever cried so hard" one of us said.  With every shovel full of dirt that we removed to dig her grave, we cried.  When we placed her in the grave, we cried.  We slowly covered her up not wanting to hurry the finality of it all and we cried even more.   We buried her in her collar so that no other dog would wear it, her lifeless body facing into the prevailing winter winds, facing the place she so often found birds.  

Our two young boys had been at school that day  and when they arrived home  they wanted to know where Missy was.  We told them she went to heaven and is waiting for us there.  They cried uncontrollably,  wanting to see her but we explained that it was better they remember her alive and happy.  An hour later, my oldest boy, then just in elementary school, was missing...we found him sobbing while trying to remove the earth that covered our precious Missy...just to say "goodbye".  I weep at this writing and weep when I remember  her  last day.

Love your Brittany like family because they are family,  they just are...

'Tis braver to have loved and lost than to not love at all''

Are Brittany owners different?  I really think so.  Brittany owners are a 'breed' all to themselves.  WE are not afraid to cry.  WE are not afraid to have loved.  WE consider our dogs family.  We are human...

Missy getting snacks from her Christmas stocking


Missy getting love from Momma

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