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Photo above on inset right side, Nubbin' stands tall and points hard on wild bobwhite quail in Texas.  Photo on the left inset, our female 'Peanut' aka Chief's Spring Mesa Molly backs Nubbin' on a wild covey find in West Texas cactus country.  Both dogs are only wearing beepers.  Large photo to right is of Nubbin'.

Our Brittanys are proven in the field and home. 

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Please understand that even with discounted semen, you will spend approximately 1500 plus dollars for associated lab tests, Vet fees, shipping, AKC fees, etc.

Current Studs

Stud fee may be waived if we decide to trade stud fee for pick of your litter.

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NUBBIN' (retired)

Frozen semen only to approved bitches.



Nubbin',  aka Chief's Nubbin' Ridge Runner, retired

Available via A.I. only to approved females.

Will consider semen for pick trade.

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Nubbin' produces great companion Brittanys and incredible field dogs with tons of natural ability.  He is in standard at 20 1/4", 40 pounds.

American Brittany "Chief's Nubbin' Ridge Runner", aka "Nubbin' " DNA#V271152, AVID Microchipped, Health Tests done Annually, X-rays on file reviewed by 3 Veterinarians - good hips - no evidence of dysplasia, his mother and father OFA Good.  Serious inquiries are welcome.  Feel free to review his health check-ups and x-rays at the Coleman Vet Clinic, Coleman, Texas.

Natural pointer/backer/retriever to hand since age 5 months.  Started guiding hunts with him after first 'test' afield at 5 months of age.

We have never had a puppy come back to us from Nubbin'.  He produces solid bird dogs that are biddable and natural pointers, honor, and retrieve.  Nubbin' produces beautiful bird dogs that are like a lamb in the house and awesome in the field.  Nubbin' is now in his prime (Age 11 as of 2011).  Nubbin' is extremely athletic in build and produces big running pups that also hunt close in tight cover.  Because he is my personal gun dog, he does not trial himself, he is an unknown in the trial community except that those folks are seeing his progeny and grand progeny in AKC field trials & hunt tests, NSTRA, American Field, NAVDHA and more.  Though our dogs go only to hunting families, several families recognized their pups talent and dabbled in various venues of which several have titles (all-age, gun dog, hunt tests, NAVDHA, show, etc.)!

Nubbin' has proven to be a solid stud dog with no known genetic defects up front or in the last 3 generations of his ancestry.  He has studded multiple litters and has PROVEN his prepotency.  Nubbin' is most definitely an extraordinary expresser of the Brittany breed. 

Keeping in mind that 99 percent of Dave's clients are hunters, the few who have trialed have accomplished the following:

While the following achievements are awesome, Nubbin's number one attribute are the dozens of fine hunting companions he has produced!  That is top priority to us!

AKC Field Champion, American Field R/U Champion, Texas Coastal Field Dog of the Year, "Chief's Gunner" aka Gunner

AKC Field Champion, Amateur Champion, American Field R.U. Champion "Chief's Nubbins My Little Lady" aka Lady

AKC Champion (show) "Chief's Savannah" aka "Annah"

NAVDHA Prize I Natural Ability at 11 months, Prize I Utility (higher performance requirements than an AKC Master Hunter) Selected top 100 dogs for National Versatile Championship, "Campbells Upland Bird Hunter" aka Boz

1 NSTRA Champion

AKC senior hunter and Junior hunters

Texas R/U American Field sanctioned Nat'l Bird Hunters Assoc. Puppy of the Year "Chief's Reload" aka Buckshot

Texas Open Derby Classic r/u "Chief's Iron Gunsight"

2003 Indian Nations Juvenile Dog of the Year, "Chief's Winding Creek Bullet"

Other hunting dogs out of Nubbin's lines: These dogs have won /placed in field events:  Rider, Suvi, Cooper, Tula, Piper, Annie, Ginny (Uncle), Rusty (Uncle) and half brother Gus.

Uncle of R/U American Field Champion "Tonk Valley Runaway Red" (won at 20 months of age)

We hunt with Nubbin' afoot and from our Polaris Ranger Utility ATV/ truck/horses.  He will hunt close or open up big (1/2 mile plus), just let him hunt to cover and gun independently and he will put you in birds, that's for sure.

Nubbin' is taken to Montana every year.  Nubbin runs hard and ranges big in wide open prairie country.

At age 11, Nubbin' is retired except for bird hunts with Dave!

Nubbin' has top quality proven hunting lines as well as field trial dogs throughout his pedigree, all of whom are now deceased.  His foundation lines include Hall of Fame (HOF) Ban-Dee, HOF Nolan's Last Bullet, HOF Beans Blaze, and HOF Microdot.

If you want your female to be considered, please send us a 5 generation pedigree of your female.  Frozen semen A.I. only to pre-approved bitches.

For stud services contact Dave Jones, 325 669 8166. 


*Texas American Field sanctioned Nat'l Bird Hunters Assoc. R/U Puppy of the Year "Chief's Reload" aka Buckshot.

Buckshot is out of FC/R.U. American Field Ch, TX Coastal Field Dog of the Year, Chief's Gunner.  Gunner was first and foremost a hunting dog for a foot handling owner from age 6 months on.  After much encouragement, his owner Doug A., allowed him to be trialed.  In just 2 years he had earned titles and was retired by his owner from trialing to return to hunting at age 4!!!  'Gunner' is the son of 'NUBBIN'.

Gunner's influence on Buckshot was evident from day one.  He naturally wants to run to the front and has a superb nose much like his daddy 'Gunner' and granddaddy 'Nubbin'. 

By age 3 (this year), he has excelled hunting wild pheasant, grouse, quail and partridge.

Buckshot has a very pleasant demeanor and is very active in the field.  He simply does not quit.

Buckshot's mom comes from strong hunting and field lines that date back to Ban-Dee, which is consistent with my breeding program, a perfect fit!

Add some of Buckshot's blood to your lines, especially if your lines date way back to Ban-Dee, Bean's Blaze, Count Geoffrey, Microdot, Nolan's Last Bullet and others (these dogs are all deceased but descendents mix very, very well.

Contact Dave at 325 669 8166


Stud info:

√ All of our studs are tested annually and are Brucella negative.  Our studs are current on core and non-core vaccinations, fecal negative for worms/coccidia/Giardia, are heart worm negative, on heart worm prevention, flea/tick prevention, have had hip x-rays reviewed by 4 qualified Veterinarians and are guaranteed by us to have good hips and no genetic defects.

√ All of our studs meet ABC Brittany conformation standards and are AKC/DNA registered.

√ All of our studs must be excellent bird dogs and companions.  No average dogs are allowed to breed.  Hunting and companion demonstrations available year round.

Dam's are allowed one free repeat breeding if the first stud service fails to produce a pregnancy.

All Dam's are listed for free on our studded females web page for free referrals.  Most dam owners appreciate this free bonus service as the pups go quickly!  No guarantees or endorsements of your dam are implied.

Choice of natural, frozen and chilled insemination.  Discounts on chilled A.I.

Dam requirements, NATURAL BREEDING:

Minimum health requirements:   URGENT Brucella test within 7 days (must be negative) and prior to service, a thyroid function test, and a deep vaginal swab for culture and sensitivity to test for other unwanted bacteria in  your bitch.  Also your bitch must be current on vaccinations, fecal negative for worms-coccidia-giardia, hip x-rays (no dysplasia) - OFA/Penn Hip not required but hip x-rays with findings of NO dysplasia from a qualified Veterinarian is mandatory, no known genetic defects, and a health certificate from your Veterinarian no older than 7 days prior to service. 

No exceptions, these tests are not very expensive and DO HAVE A DIRECT BEARING ON FERTILITY OF YOUR BITCH and just could help prevent having to repeat the breeding.  We do strongly suggest progesterone testing for proper timing of your bitch's mating/A.I.

PLEASE get the tests a.s.a.p. in order to get test results back from your Vet in time for breeding.

Stud fee must be paid at time of service.  Stud fee by private treaty.


Chilled semen available for shipment at a reduced price to offset collection and shipping fees!  High rates of pregnancy!*

* "High rates of pregnancy" from chilled semen results from the recipient having been properly examined, tested and health checked.  These tests include:  a brucella negative test, normal thyroid functions (blood test) as well as deep vaginal swab for culture and sensitivity to rule out any unwanted bacteria that may be present which would compromise fertilization. 

Please keep in mind that you will probably spend about 1,500 dollars even with discounted semen.

Additionally, we most strongly recommend progesterone testing of your bitch so that the A.I. timing is correct.  NOT DOING THESE TESTS CAN HAVE A DIRECT EFFECT ON WHETHER OR NOT YOUR BITCH BECOMES PREGNANT.