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Updated 08/14/2015

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Want your dog / pup to go with Dave to Montana to be worked on WILD grouse, partridge and pheasant?

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Dave and his Dad

Dave's new 14 hole rig from Jones Trailers

Dave's old 8 hole trailer up in Montana


      Rocket holds down a covey!                                     


      This is a photo of John, age 15, with Abby, age 12 months. Note her intensity with head held high! This was her first outing on quail and she handled it like a pro. Abby is the daughter of Rocky and Bonnie and belongs to Cliff and the late Sue Womble.       Kids hunt wild pheasant in the Texas Panhandle successfully!   Brandon's solo hunt over Rocket!  

 Rocket at about 6 months (left), honors Chief on right who is pointing a ringneck pheasant.

Pardon my photography. Look carefully, Rocky is on the left honoring Chief on the right (in the snow obviously!).

Last but not least, Dave sharing a moment with two babies...

Want to see more hunting pictures and read client comments about us?  Click here!

Chief's Upland Bird Hunting Philosophy™

I am an upland bird hunting enthusiast, gun dog owner and a conservationist

by Dave Jones

I believe:

1. That hunting wild birds is our heritage and I will do what I can to preserve our heritage.  I believe in working on outdoor initiatives proven to help wild upland birds flourish.

2. That trained domesticated bird dogs are our heritage which transcends all ethnic populations and thousands of years since the day of early man.  The symbiotic relationship created by early man and subsequent careful breeding merits our genuine care and concern for hunting breeds.

3. That the pursuit of upland birds is best done when pursued with well trained bird dogs. Trained bird dogs have manners. Untrained dogs should be hunted alone for the purposes of training and properly controlled when hunting an untrained dog with trained dogs.

4. That bird hunting is like life, there are expected manners. That lack of manners by a hunter or his/her dog is disrespectful to other hunters and other dogs who have paid the price of long training hours and experience afield.

5. That the act of hunting is our rightful heritage and that I will do my best to be an ambassador of what is right with hunting.

6. That I will be safe with my firearms and discharge them properly.

7. That my muzzle will always be up when loaded so as to not point my gun at others, my bird dogs or other bird dogs.

8. That the most important thing to me is the dog work on birds.

9. That the shooting of upland game over my bird dog is not important when it comes to my dog doing his job correctly and with good manners. I take great pride in my dog's performance at home and in the field.

10. That ‘bag limits’ are not important because I rarely choose to shoot a limit nor do I 'count' killed birds like it is a competition with human hunting partners.

11. That taking game home is not important. But how I take upland birds is important. I am always safe when I take a shot at a bird and I am always ethical.

12. I only shoot wild game birds that have taken flight and have a sporting chance to escape.

13. That no matter how hard a bird runs on the ground, I will not shoot ANY species of upland bird on the ground as that smacks of gluttony, bad manners, failure to give fair chase and shows I do not care for the conservation of wild game to hunting partners, non-hunters and anti-hunters. It also puts my best friend, my dog, in danger.

14. That my dog and the proper management of our ecosystem take precedence over shooting wild game.

15. That the bagging of any game is anti-climactic and is secondary to good dog work and only the end result of fair chase and, I will stop my hunt to find lost game. I will look for lost game at the expense of good shooting hours so there is no wanton waste and will take pride in the fact that I find my lost game.

16. That finishing the day with less than my bag limit is a source of pride to be bragged about, especially if hunting wild birds. The fact that I COULD HAVE shot my limit and didn't is a huge source of pride. The fact that there were few birds and I chose not to shoot any at all is also a huge source of pride.

17. That my ‘limit’ is not a gauge of how successful my hunt was and that the ‘limit’ is unimportant when discussing good dogs, good guns and good hunting buddies.

18. That upland shotguns are an essential part of the ambiance of upland hunting, as much as fine bird dogs. I practice with my gun prior to gunning for wild birds since it is as important as the training my bird dog goes through.

19. That even though I cannot afford an expensive upland gun or equipment, I care for my equipment with pride.  If I can afford expensive shotguns, I treat them with equal pride.

20. That I NEVER leave spent shells or other waste behind. I will stop my hunt in order to find my empty shells. As a conservationist concerned about our environment, I know that empty shells are blights on the landscape and leave an impression of disrespect for the land and the land owner.  If I head to the field with an autoloader or pump, I Expect To Pick Up Shells at the expense of hunting light.

21. That I will try to leave the land I hunt in better shape than I found it. Examples: If it is littered, I will pick it up. If a gate is broken or a fence down, I will immediately try to repair it. If I can't repair something myself, I will immediately notify the land owner and freely offer to help make repairs, even at the expense of good shooting hours.

22. That small coveys and reduced numbers of birds are best left not shot and to be left alone.

23. That I will not train my dog on birds during nesting season.

24. That I will wear some form of hunter orange all the time, even in states where it is not required because I know that safety is paramount.

25. That if I take game, I will promptly clean it and pick up the remains for proper disposal. To leave scattered remains from cleaning game is as disrespectful as throwing trash on the ground.

26. That I will mentor the untrained and unknowing upland hunter in way that will make me proud should they meet a novice some day and mentor them as I would have.

27. I am grateful to God for a fine shotgun, fine bird dog and a fine woman!

This is Chief's philosophy, maybe not everyone's.

God bless.


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