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Brittanys are intelligent, non-confrontational, gentle yet very energetic, and are often referred to as having a soft disposition (sensitive, takes correction easily-usually!). 

Brittanys require plenty of daily exercise in a safe area.  They love to run, play, and generally just hang out with you.  They thrive on attention and love.  They are never mean nor vicious as this is NOT characteristic of the breed. 

Brittanys smaller size (30 to 40 pounds) and personality make them a true dual purpose dog for families.  They make great family pets and wonderful hunting dogs thus they are one of the most popular choices for families with kids and a hunter.  Most families allow their Brittany in their home.  We feel that Brittanys who are made an integral part of the family perform better in the field.

They do not thrive living life in a kennel or being cooped up all day.   They will chew and dig when bored so lots of chew toys and free space are essential.  They can be mischievous if left alone in the home so crate training is a great idea (we recommend it).  They may dig and chew when bored (see Brittany FAQ's page)

Our Brittanys hail from great, proven, hunting dogs as well as companion dogs.  We enjoy them as indoor pets, outdoor exercise partners (daily), and of course, good hunting buddies.

 It is best to not try to replicate a wonderfully informational web page about Brittany height/weight standards, therefore, we invite you to visit the AKC website for all of the Brittany conformation standards and such. (Very good site)...Come right back to enjoy our recipes and other free and neat Brittany stuff.

 Don't forget to visit our FAQ page and training page to get more info.


For Brittany puppy availability, please visit our Brittany puppy page, click here.


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