My Family

"When I remarried, Debbie (my bride) got a kick start into the Brittany world when Animal Planet visited us.  She catered to a large crowd that day, and I mean literally, 'catered'!  She was wonderful as she directed local television stations and Newspaper media as well as the Animal Planet production staff.  A large Texas size lunch was had by all.  Debbie made sure I made all my cues and was where I needed to be.

Since then, Debbie's indoctrination to Brittanys and our extended family (clients become family) has been a quick one.  She didn't know she was a Brittany lover when she married me but she knows now!  It is not uncommon for us to have anywhere from 2 to 4 Brittanys sleeping with us in our king sized bed which is not so large with that much company.

She has two children, Clint and Melissa, who have been indoctrinated to the Brittany world as well.  Both Clint and Melissa have been a big help in many, many ways.

Here's a picture of our home (click to enlarge)

Animal Planet's visit can be read about here: Click here for the story found in the Abilene Reporter News.

Clint (a math teacher and basketball coach) and Melissa (a math teacher as well!) are a tremendous help.  Clint and Melissa often help me with our annual Snake Clinic, Microchipping and other kennel duties.  Melissa helps with the socialization and taking care of puppies whenever she can.  Even though live hours away, they always seem to find time to help.

My two children, Brandon and Tristan have always been involved with Brittanys as long as they can remember.  Both boys helped me as they were growing up by doing kennel chores and assisting me in training.  They attended a few trials and competed in junior stakes.  Both Brandon and Tristan helped me guide upland hunts for several years.

After High School, Brandon field trialed for a couple of years but after getting married, he decided to go into the Army.

Tristan lived in Florida after high school and attended a well renowned culinary university in Orlando, Florida and is now a Chef in the Czech Republic. 

As Brittany fanciers, we encourage responsible pet ownership and enjoy helping other Brittany enthusiasts.  Our training tips and general information on our "tips page" applies to most pointing breeds.  Breeder questions are also discussed on our "tips page".  Questions about our puppies and guarantees are found on our puppy page (Click here for puppy info).  We hope that you enjoy and find all of our information useful.

This website is very large so if you want to browse through it for a while, get a cup of coffee, relax and enjoy! "

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