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Dave Jones, owner of Chief's Brittanys , is a nationally recognized professional Brittany pointing bird dog trainer for the gentleman bird hunter and is known as the 'hunters' trainer. He has trained hundreds of Brittanys from blood lines all over the country.  He trains approximately one hundred Brittanys every year for hunter families who enjoy them as companions and bird dogs. Click here to read more about Dave

Dave's sincerity and loyalty to clients is first and foremost.  He cares what clients think of him and would not compromise their trust. 

Dave recommends what he believes in and he recommends D.T. Systems products.

Here are some of Dave's thoughts about D.T. Systems:

"D.T. systems e-collars are extraordinary.  They not only have all the basic e-collar essentials that one would expect, but they also offer unique features such as positive vibration* .  Positive vibration and beeper/pager functions make their e-collars the most humane products on the market today!"

"D.T. sells collars with 50 to 60 stimulation levels (depending on model).  This means a wider range of stimulation levels which allows you to accurately set the correct level for your sensitive dog.  Folks this is ideal for soft Brittanys or any other dog for that matter!  Not only that, but they offer a variety of transmitters and collars so you are sure to get the model that best suits you and your dog!"

"Have you seen DT's bird launchers?  They are awesome!  NOT junk you see on the market with cheap-o plastic components and a ridiculously short warranty....If one particular competitor's launchers break a day after the warranty, they make you BUY ANOTHER!

D.T. SYSTEMS HAS SET THE GOLD STANDARD WITH THEIR NEW LAUNCHERS!  DT systems launchers come with a full ONE YEAR WARRANTY and can be repaired by DT if they ever break!  DT's launchers are safe and made to last.  SOLID metal components.  NO plastic wheels or plastic armatures.  They are VERY QUIET.

I love their new 'beeper on the launcher' feature so you can FIND your launchers.  Aren't you tired of colored clothes pins, fluorescent survey tape, remembering which bush your bird launcher is at, and other 'give away flags' that your smart dog can recognize as well as you can?  With DT remote launchers, HIDE 'EM GOOD so the dog is guessing too!  I can't believe I made it all these years without them."

"Extraordinary features, affordable pricing, great reliability, and an impressive lifetime warranty makes you and your dog a big winner with D.T. Systems." 

Dave Jones, Chief's Brittanys


Click here to contact Dave about D.T. systems products.  Dave will offer you free guidance for the D.T. product that best suits your needs and your budget.

* Read Dave's article about the use of positive vibration in  your training program, click here!

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