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Left to Right: (1) Kids shoot wild pheasant (2) Dave and friends with wild panhandle pheasant (3) Dave, Peanut and Chief's wild pheasant. 


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My oldest boy Brandon (center) on his first guided hunt years ago.

Texas bird hunting with Chief's Brittanys

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I will guide native upland bird hunts on your property

Have a great place to hunt but need to entertain clients or put on a large upland hunt for family and friends but lack dog power?

We Guide wild bird hunts on your ranch only.  We will travel to Oklahoma, within Texas, central/western Louisiana and to eastern portions of New Mexico.

We provide dog work for pheasant, quail, grouse, partridge, and woodcock.

Private treaty

What we offer on your ranch:

1. We bring trained dogs.

2.  We offer Polaris Rangers for those who can't walk.

3.  Travel to your ranch, if within a reasonable distance, is free.

4.  Multi-day hunts available, host must provide lodging & meals.

5.  Other terms negotiable.

Chief's Brittanys, 12560 County Road 461, Cross Plains, Texas  76443, Telephone number Cell phone (325) 669-8166.

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