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E-collars are for punishment, right?  WRONG.


Not the modern D.T. Systems collar!  Today's e-collars are designed to be useful in many ways.  For example, DT Systems collars not only boast e-collars with 50 to 60 levels of stimulation but they also offer such useful features as vibration with or without stimulation as we well as audible paging to locate your dog.  You will know where your dog is in heavy cover or when it's out of sight via it's beeper which has run/point mode beeper functions.


So the modern e-collars has evolved from the old rock 'em shock 'em days to a collar that offers positive rewards for the dog as well as useful tools that aid the hunter in pursuit of game.


When used properly, your dog should get excited when it sees the e-collar come out of it's box.  Yes, excited.


I will be writing more articles in the near future teaching you just how to use the afore mentioned features.


Here's a few collars you should know about:  First, if you are a hunter and you find beepers useful, then go ahead and upgrade to a collar with positive features.  The D.T. Systems SP 7400 series boasts beeper & audible locator, vibration, momentary/continuous stimulation (with 50 levels!) and the no-bark feature.  The SPT 7300 series offers everything but the no-bark feature.  The D.T. Systems 7200 series only offers vibration and momentary/continuous stimulation.


So about now you are thinking, 'How can an e-collar be positive?'.  Let's go over a few broad reasons a modern D.T. Systems e-collar should be considered positive.


Reason Number 1:  The D.T. Systems vibration feature can be used to reward good behavior as opposed to other manufacturers that only offer 'warning tones with delayed stimulation'.  How?  My experience has found that novice trainers or those below the expert level of training often confuse dogs with warning tones.  So much so that some dogs become beeper blinkers.  What's a beeper blinker?  A dog that avoids hunting due to confusion created by the beeper.  Why?  Because every time he hears a beep, he thinks he's being warned and is about to be shocked.  This dog will shut-down and stop hunting. 


Vibration can be used negatively or positively.  If you want to use vibration as a pre-stimulation 'warning', do so.  This dog will never be shy of e-collars with beepers since vibration can only be felt.  I really like vibration as a non-verbal attaboy.  You can train using vibration in a way that the dog understands vibration = good dog.


Reason Number 2:  The D.T. Systems collar with audio features becomes a useful tool in both locating your dog should you have the beeper turned off or, in beeper mode, to find your dog on point!  The beeper can be set to run and point mode or just point mode. 


With locator functions as well as run and point beeper modes, your collar is more versatile than ever.  You will find the beeper function to be very useful and many find it much better than hanging a bell around your dogs neck.  These features are great for heavy cover or maybe for a dog that ranges big.  Need to hunt quietly but lose track of your dog on occasion?  The locator beep feature is terrific!


Reason Number 3:  D.T. Systems offer an extraordinary number of stimulation levels.  How many times has the level you've chosen for your dog been too little but the next level up too much?  I'm guessing, a lot of you.  With 50 to 60 levels, you can pick the level that is just right to motivate your dog but not so much that you overdo it.


To wrap it all up, once you get your modern e-collar, such as the D.T. systems collars I've described and begin using it, you will wonder why you didn't have one sooner!  Humane features for soft dogs is why we use them, plain and simple.


Because the modern, humane, DT Systems collars have so many features that aid the hunter in training and in the field, you won't think of leaving home without it.


Thanks for dropping by.  Y'all take care and give your dog a fancy treat for me!



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