It's been a while since I last wrote.


Hunting season has been long and guided hunts have kept me away from long visits with my computer.  I've got a good bit to share with you from this past season, however, it's too much for one writing.


Since my last writing I lost a dog, went on several exciting hunts, seen young dogs mature and seen mature dogs suddenly get old.


My dog Dot, daughter of NFC FC HOF Microdot passed away.  Here's a picture of her with Chief.  Dot is in the foreground.



Fortunately, Dot gave me a last litter just months before her death.  I have two of her daughters now and smile every time I see them as they remind me so much of their mother.  One has her head and the other has her body.  Both make me proud in the field and as companions.


I owe much to Dot.  She was the biggest running of all my dogs.  It was nothing for her to range way out, even if 'way out' was a bona fide mile.  She scared me many times as a pup.  She would disappear over the hill and I would think "Let her be, she's steady!"  Sure enough I would find her a good ways away standing tall, proudly holding her birds.


Dot always wanted to be a house dog, something we let her be for quite some time.  She was an expert at not pottying in the house.   She loved to be inside and was dead set against jeopardizing her right to stay inside.  Yet, when I took her hunting, her alter ego took over.  She hunted so hard.  She would hunt herself to death if you'd let her. 


I miss her & find myself thinking of dogs gone by.  She ranks at the top of dogs gone by.


Sniffers is a daughter of Dot.  She appeared on animal planet.  She has matured into the dog that Dot was...big running, intense and never failing in locating birds.  I wish Animal Planet would come and tape a 'follow-up' of Sniffers.  She has really blossomed.



Thanks for dropping by and Y'all take care and give your dog a fancy treat for me!

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