Texas Parks and Wildlife Expo 2001

For those of you not familiar with Expo, it is a two day affair hosted at the state headquarters of the Texas Parks and Wildlife DeparŽent in Austin.  Everyone from all over Texas comes to watch demonstrations and participate in outdoor activities.  It's great fun for kids as they get to fish, shoot bows, fire guns, rock climb and many more activities.  It's a super way to experience a little bit of everything the outdoors has to offer and hopefully folks go away with the desire to experience the great outdoors in Texas!

We have been participating in the Wildlife Expo for the last 3 years and it's a lot of fun.  We take our Brittanys down to participate in the 'Pointing Dog Demonstration'.  Several breeds are represented and fun is had by all.

Here's a pictorial presentation of our demonstration (please allow a minute or two for the pics to download):

Below: Dave, Owner of Chief's Brittanys, speaks to spectators while Chief and Peanut stand at his side.

Dave, Owner of Chief's Brittanys, talks with spectators

Below: Chief on point for all to see!

Chief on point for the crowd

Below: Peanut shows her stuff.

Peanut on point for the spectators

Below: Dave heels Chief and Peanut away after the demonstration of Point and Honor.

Dave heeling Chief and Peanut after demonstration

Below: Rusty handles Zeb on point.

Rusty handles Zeb on point

Below: Rusty with Cory just before the puppy demonstration.

Rusty with Cory just before the puppy demonstrations

Hope you enjoyed the pics.  Y'all take care.

Chief's BrittanysŽ All rights reserved

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