Sarah owns two humans, Debbie and Dave (Mommy and Daddy).  She allows her mommy and daddy to live in her home.  Sarah sleeps in middle of the bed and allows mommy/daddy to share the outer edges!

Sarah’s thoughts….

 My daddy is very busy this time of year with guiding hunts and training dogs.  I wanted to help him out, so I am writing a commentary for him.  Let me introduce myself to you.  I am Mom and Dad’s baby.  My dam is Katie and my sire is Rocket.  I am awesome.  If you don’t believe me, just ask my Mom.

 My life is sooo good!!!  I live in the house with Mom and Dad and my old buddy, Chief.  Sometimes I forget I am not a person.  Mom really understands me and helps me get my point across to Dad.  I have had so many new experiences in the last few months. 

 The first new experience that comes to mind was a breeding with Nubbin’.  That was not fun at all.  I stretched the cartilage in one of my toes just trying to get away from him.  I had to go to the doctor and had a cast put on my foot so it could heal.  I couldn’t even put any weight on it, because it hurt soooooo bad.  Boy, was he rough.  I can do without that for the rest of my life!!!

 The next new experience… guessed it……I started putting on a lot of weight and then one day……PAIN!  PAIN!  I was in labor for 5 hours and Mom and Dad decided to take me to Dr. Nall.  Mom so lovingly held me in the back seat of her car and I guess that is what I needed.  I had my first puppy in Mom’s lap.  I had 3 by the time we reached Dr. Nall’s office.  I was so tired that they let me have the rest of them there.  I had 11 puppies.  One was stillborn, the runt died, and another one died.  But, I still had 8 squirmy little fur balls sucking, nudging, and whimpering 24 hours a day.  Oh…..I so missed sleeping in my Mom and Dad’s bed.  The heat lamp was on 24 hours a day.  I wanted to hide my head and sleep but there was nothing to hide my head under.  I was continually feeding, cleaning house, cleaning faces, and cleaning bottoms.  What a life!  Oh…..I so wanted everything to be like it used to be….no cares, no worries, etc.  I had so many responsibilities now.  I thought I would be doing this forever.  My puppies were getting bigger and bigger.  Their eyes opened.  They continued to grow more and more.  Then Daddy took me out of the pen and I never had to go back!!!!  Oh…..I am blessed!  They had teeth and there was no where for me to hide.  They were all precious puppies, but I am back in Mom and Dad’s bed at night……and that is the way it should be.  Mom has tried to explain to Dad for me about how stressful that whole ordeal was on me and that I don’t ever want to do that again, but Dad says that my puppies were just toooo good.  They are all really great dogs with a great breeding.  Guess I’m not going to get out of that forever.

 My newest experience is hunting with Dad.  I am having the time of my life!!!  Daddy takes me hunting all the time.  I hunt for him as hard as I can.  He gets so excited when I just take off.  Those birds are sneaky and try to hide…but I find them.  I can slam on point with the best of them.  I run and run and run.  My favorite thing is when the hunters shoot a bird that lands on the other side of the tank or in the water.  I love the water.  Daddy is so proud of me.  The only thing he has had to teach me is heal and whoa.  I am a natural on point, at backing, and retrieving.  I just love to please my Daddy so much.  He loves me so much.  When we get home, Mom is waiting on the porch to greet us.  She is always so glad to see me and Daddy.  I usually get canned food mixed with my dry food after a hunt.  Mmmmmm!  I just love the gravy.  Mom then picks stickers and thorns out of me and sometimes I get a bath. Then….off to bed…..yes, that’s right…..on the bed, in the middle of Mom and Dad.  This is heaven!!!!!

As Dad would always say……give your dogs a treat for us!




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