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2000/2001 Texas Bobwhite Quail Season Ends

Well folks, it turned out to be really good in the North Texas Regions, not to be confused with the Panhandle.  Generally speaking, the area from south of Lubbock heading east to Paducah was fantastic.  We heard very good reports from areas as far north as Childress and Quail, Texas to as far south as the northern Big Country to out west of Big Spring.  

Our personal lease fell in the North Texas region and we finished strong (Texas Quail Season ended February 25th, 2001).  We hunted the last day and flushed some really nice sized coveys.  One covey in particular had over 30 birds, which is great for Spring nesting!  It doesn’t take an expert to realize that strong numbers at the end of Quail season (end of February) will translate into strong Quail numbers next year if the rains are just right.

South Texas was dismal according to my reports and the central and southern Big Country turned out to be not so good either.  Anyone hunting wild quail in these areas that found lots of birds should count himself/herself lucky as we spoke to Many people hunting there that didn’t.

The good news for Texas Quail Hunters is that we have been in a general wet/rainy spell here lately and if it holds out, we should have excellent quail hunting next year pretty much everywhere…watch the weather maps and good luck in your preparations for next season.

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