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Dave's Commentary, June 4, 2000

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RAIN!!! Yes we are getting rain and it's wonderful. We received a couple of inches here a few weeks ago and this weekend have received over 4 inches and still counting. It's raining right now.

We've been in a terrible drought out here for the last few years. I hope this is a sign of more rain to come.

All the local meteorologists missed the mark this past weekend. It's not only rained more than they predicted, it is covering more area than they predicted.

I want to be a meteorologist. What could be better? You get paid for be wrong over half the time.

Boy, my clients wouldn't be happy if I missed finding birds over half the time.

I think it would go like this: "Wonder where the birds are?" they would ask after some arduous walking with no results. I could say something like "Well we have a 20 percent chance of finding some" to which they would reply "Huh" but they're really thinking; "This guy is terrible". Thus would go my business and I wouldn't have to worry about being too busy any more.

O.K., O.K., enough weather man/woman bashing.

Seriously though, the rain is welcomed and the insects are abundant. The hens shouldn't have a hard time finding nutritious, vitamin rich food. I do hope that the heavy rain doesn't drown any young chicks or wash away any nests. Pray for the chicks.

I've noticed more pairs this year and a tremendous amount of Bob-White calls. I hope it all means good news this fall.

I'm keeping it short today. Thanks for dropping in.


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