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Kid Hunt 2000!

Well, we did it.  5 kids ages 15 and under.  Scott Petty and I had our hands full and loved every minute of it.

The first hunt started out on an overcast day and early Saturday morning at our lease in the northern rolling plains.  Kids and dogs were excited, as it was the first hunt of the season.  The kids were even more excited because they were the only ones allowed to hunt!

Scott and I had our Safety talk at the break of dawn.  All but one of the kids carried either single shots, or doubles.  The adults carried the ammo and only allowed the kids to load up when the dog was on point.  This worked really well because the early season birds held very well for the youngsters.

The dog work was fantastic and Chili, a Vizsla that belongs to Scott and family, made her first season debut.  Chili had several honors and points.  She ran a comfortable foot handled ground pattern and Scott was pleased when it was all over.

The abundance of wild quail was the best I’ve seen in over 20 years.  We had located 12 coveys in less than 4 hours on Saturday and that’s hunting with youngsters!  Saturday afternoon was rained out.  Sunday morning was equally as productive.  We did less hunting Sunday afternoon but found coveys just as easy.  I estimate that the kids had over 30 separate covey flushes!

The younger boys, Brice and Cody, hunted quail for the first time and had fun shooting.  Brandon Phillips, age 14, had never hunted quail either.  Brandon Jones was the oldest at 15 – he was happy because he was allowed to carry my over/under premium grade Berretta that I purchased while stationed in Italy 17 years ago.  The successful hunter was Tristan, age 13.  He shot 4 quail and of those 4, 2 were from a double on a single covey rise!

Dove season was nearly over for the Northern Texas Zone so the boys finished out the weekend with some late afternoon dove hunting.  10 doves total were shot.  The boys had a lot of fun as the doves were plentiful and the action fast paced.

3 of the 5 children had not hunted quail before and came away with a very pleasant experience.  They are to be commended for following the safety rules.  From the adult’s perspective, the single/double barrel guns were easiest to be safe with as we could tell instantly whether the children were safe (breeched guns).  Since we carried the shells and not the kids, we felt comfortable with the whole situation.

Thanks for droppin’ in.  I hope your kid hunt was equally successfully.

P.S.  Rocket and Peanut share the ‘dog of the week’ award, as both were phenomenal.  They nailed coveys and singles with great dog work.  Several times the dogs held as the quail walked/ran openly in front of them!  Chief gets the ‘old man’ award.  He had 6 finds in just a few hours.  Special thanks to Scott Petty for organizing the ‘kiddie hunt’! 

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