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Dave's Commentary

September 30, 2000

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Well Iíve had a good time Dove hunting this season.  It was slow at first, but then was invited to hunt up in the north Rolling Plains.  The Dove hunting was outstanding!

I havenít seen that many dove in about 25 years.  Most of the birds were young which is a sure indicator that they had prime nesting conditions for dove.

It wasnít hard to limit out.  If you were an outstanding shot, you could be done in about 15 minutes.  Me?  Iím average.  It took me two boxes of shells and about an hour and I didnít even want to limit out.

Prior to the hunt, we all stood around talking about the hunt.  Scott and Steve have hunted there several times already and said the birds were starting to get really smart. 

I told them that my plan was to take it easy and hunt away from the main fly area.  Scott, trying to prepare me for the spooky birds, advised me that my white drink cooler might scare them off as well as my white hi-top socks (I had on shorts and a blue T-shirt).  So I decided to hunt away from them so as to not mess their hunting up.

They all went to the tank area and I drove about 2 or 300 yards away and parked my white F-350, crew cab under the shade of a Live Oak.  I didnít really feel like hiding in Mesquite and Cactus at 90 plus degrees so I just opened the tailgate and sat down.  Cooler next to me and dog at my feet, I loaded up and waited.

Well the rest is history.  I limited out.  True, the wise dove skirted around me, but others chose the wrong flyway. 

So Iím guessing Scott will copy me now and go dove hunting from the back of his white F-150 truck with white socks and white cooler!  Maybe notÖ

When I was stationed in Maryland, you had to do everything possible to get close to the dove.  Full camo and decoys helped a lot.

Dove are a great warm-up for quail season.  Texas boasts a quail season nearly 4 months long!  Some areas will have more quail this year in spite of the drought.  We are looking forward to seeing increased numbers.

We are going to try a couple of Texasí Wildlife Management Areas this year just to see how they are faring regarding quail numbers.  When we have completed our assessment, weíll pass that info along to all of you.

Thatís it for this week!  Remember this line as it is taking on more and more importance every single day - - ĎPreserve our Heritage, Take a Kid Hunting!í

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